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Nexonya Azure Villas Embark on an unforgettable journey where diverse memories await at every corner.

Nestled within nature's embrace, you'll be enveloped in every shade of green, offering a unique respite from urban life. Your story in Nexonya Azure Villas will be truly exceptional.

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Nexonya Azure Villas

Nexonya Azure Villas embodies the realization of an idea that bridges the gap between the forest and contemporary living. Within its depths, it cradles both humanity and nature.

"Nexonya Azure" conceals happiness within the melodies of birds, life within the pristine air, and a promising future that spans from sunrise to sunset.

  • Embracing all four facets of nature, Nexonya Azure, located in Çekmeköy, Reşadiye, Istanbul, comprises 20 independent triplex villas. Our focus is to elevate living standards by incorporating compelling comfort features into Nexonya Azure.

  • Each villa boasts a private detached garden, a 2-car garage, an outdoor pool, barbecue and dining areas, a fire pit seating area, a deck, garden terraces, and panoramic views from all four sides.

  • It's a construction of an idea that brings the forest and its habitat closer to modern living. At its core, it encompasses both human and nature itself. "Nexonya Azure" holds the happiness in bird songs, the life in its pure air, and between the sunrise and sunset, it holds the future for you.

More than just a villa.

We are creating an integrated living project that offers comfortable living to its owners, yields profits to investors, provides security, stands as distinguished, and meets all needs.